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The Countless Aspects Wiki is a collaborative website about the modern day MMORPG Countless Aspects that anyone can edit! This wiki also includes much of mechanics of the pen-and-paper role playing game. The rules for this pen and paper role playing game are made available on this wiki, the actual MMORPG will be in development for some time. We are always looking for people to help us make the Countless Aspects MMORPG, and we are also looking into ways to crowdsource the funding of the Countless Aspects MMORPG.

Factions, Sects, and AspectsEdit

There are 2 main factions in the world of C.A., and within those factions are the various sects, or different schools of thought within those factions. Each sect then has different aspects or ways of expressing themselves. Basically it breaks down into having classes and sub-classes. Each sub-class has specialized abilities that help them with their main motivations in C.A., whether it is solving puzzles and gaining legendary relics, or moving with stealth and performing hits for organizations.

The Myriad

These are the rebel forces, the grassroots freedom-fighters, trying to fight the Ancient Horrors of the world using the forces of creativity, light, and chaos.

  • Aleph Astra
  • Discordians
  • Illuminates
  • Infinitists
  • Kaos Shamans
  • Nihilists
  • Psychonauts
  • Surrealists
  • Weavers
The Order

These are the powerful forces that rule over the world, both secretly and overtly, with forces beyond their control, sheer violence, or the imposition of order

  • Assassins
  • Bureaucrats
  • Church of Hara
  • Deleterials
  • Hollow Ones
  • Keepers
  • Knights of the Blood Temple
  • Monocorp
  • Order of the Skull