The Kings Island Recearch Facility is located in the country of Modernica,


  • The Universal Bank funds the KIRL Facility, paving the way for MonoCorp to build the facility. The CEO of MonoCorp, Richard Bane is quoted as saying, "This will open a new world of study to mankind, we will discover the principles that will turn men into godlike beings."
  • The Church of Hara, a little known sect of an even more obscure Neptunian church, protests the "abhorrent science experiments" at KIRL, not to mention the "blasphemous" words of Richard Bane.
  • Conspiracy theorists say that most of the security staff for KIRL were members of a secret organization called the Knights, but this is probably just a coincidence because the actual security company used was called Night's Security Force.


  • The KIRL was created and sold to the public as a "compact but efficient nuclear electron accelerator"
  • In truth, some say that the KIRL was an experimental dimensional portal generator


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