1. Planning Stage
    1. World Concepts & Lore
      1. Modernica: Our world reimagined as something more dystopian.
      2. The Event: The major cause of the collapse of America and the formation of the city-states of Modernica.
      3. Ancient Horrors: What spawned or came through from the whole "Event".
    2. Characters And Development
      1. Roger Bane (CEO of Monocorp) - a very Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark kind of character. Paralyzed in an accident involving Jelena Tesla, he made robotic limbs that he uses (in secret) for fighting "crime" and preserving the Order of Modernica City.
      2. Jelena Tesla (leader of the Weavers) - long lost relative of Nikola Tesla, possibly a granddaughter no one ever knew existed, has developed the Aether Filament, a vacuum tube that has captured Aetheric life force.
      3. Miss Calamity (master thief and world adventurer) - Kind of a Carmen Sandiego type character, is looking the world over for various artifacts for the Keepers and their Vaults.
    3. Combat System
      1. Character Variables (attributes or 'stats')
        1. The Names of the stats between factions differ but they do essentially the same thing.
        2. The Character attributes are the 7 'chakras' or Elements...
      2. Variables in combat system:
        1. *h% = hit modifier
        2. db = ability modifier
        3. cdb = Connection to power (effectiveness of attack?)
      3. Combat Flow Chart
        1. "Insert Graphic Here"
  2. Research Stage
  3. Development Stage.
  4. Alpha Stage
  5. Closed Beta Stage
  6. "Open" Beta Stage
  7. Release Product
  8. Subsequent Patches

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